Nigeria Market Buyer Protection

Your safely and satisfaction is our most important feature

We're committed to creating the Web's best Bangladesh sourcing marketplace. That's why we've enhanced our customer service pledge to make it easier and more secure than ever to buy on Nigeria Market.

Return & Refund

Nigeria Market will provide a full refund in the event of the
following outcome:

You never received your item(s)

Full or partial refund if the items are not as described

You can accept a partial refund and then keep the item(s).

You can return the item(s) for a full refund

How does Nigeria Market protect you?

Contact the Seller

If you have not received your order on time, or the order is not as described, please contact the seller.

Open a dispute to submit your proposal

If the problem you are experiencing does not get solved by the seller, you can refer to
Nigeria MarketReturn and Refund Policy on how to submit a dispute.

Escalate the dispute to Nigeria Market

If you are not satisfied with the sellers proposed solution, you can request Nigeria Market Mediation.
Nigeria Market will then arbitrate on your behalf, based on the evidence collected from both you and the seller.

Shopping Tips

Before placing an order, you are advised to check the sellers information.


Customer feedback

Detailed seller ratings

Do not confirm the delivery if you do not receive your order.

Check the condition in which the order arrives in.

Do not make any direct payment to any sellers.

Interpretation of Nigeria Market Icons

On-time delivery

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You will know when a seller ships out your order.

You will know when your order will be delivered.

Nigeria Market storage

Faster delivery from Bangladesh warehouse.

Perfect return and refund service

All brands

Genuine products

Brand quality assured

Merchandise quality

Test report issued by an authorized Third-party
Inspection Company

Products have passed strict quality tests

Field certification

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Authenticity check on sellers.

Evaluation of the sellers service ability

Authorized Third-party Inspection Company involved

Top Merchant

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Sellers who provide excellent service, and high-quality products.

Sellers with a high annual sales volume.

Sellers with positive customer reviews.

Square Trade

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Provides extended warranty for cell phones, laptops,
and other electronic devices.

For buyers that reside within the bangladesh only.

Prices are lower than the manufactures warranty

Premium Merchant

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Sellers who provide excellent service, and high-quality products.

Sellers who achieve the sales and credibility index as required.

A step below Top Merchant sellers

Safety Environment for Transactions

Making your payment and transactions safe.

QSP & Payment Facilitator certification.

A safe platform

Nigeria Market holds the payment during the transaction.

Nigeria Market releases the payment after the buyer confirms the delivery of their order(s)